Uncover Beautiful Beaches in Perth

Beautiful beaches are around in Perth. To make it easier for you to choose which ones to visit,there are an awful lot of beaches in Perth and most of them are deserted.

If you want to get a tan under the Aussie sun and enjoy some amazing landscapes, Perth is the best place to be. Tens of examples of deep blue waters and golden beaches can be found right across Perth, but if you want to get the best of the best, here are five of the finest beaches around Perth.

Cottesloe Beach

One of Perth’s most popular beaches, Cottesloe is a wonderful spot to visit. Swimming, surfing, snorkelling, fishing and just sitting in the sun are all favourite pastimes at this premier beach location.

Perth Beaches

Perth Beaches

The suburb abounds with old, well preserved homes from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Norfolk Pine trees, some more than 70 years old, line the streets. The Civic Centre in Broome Street is a magnificent example of the early history of the area. Its grounds are open to the public and feature large gardens, lawns and free barbecue facilities.
The famous local hotel overlooks the beach and has regular entertainment. It is also home to one of Perth’s most popular ‘Sunday Sessions’. There are many places nearby to eat, with many establishments having spectacular panoramic views of the Cottesloe coastline.Cottesloe is easily accessible by local bus and rail transport or there is free parking available at Napier Street car park.

Scarborough Beach

Scarborough is located on the west coast, just a short 15 minute drive west from the heart of Perth city. As part of Perth’s Sunshine Coast, Scarborough is famous for its sunny weather, popular beaches and relaxed lifestyle. There are a variety of shops, weekend markets, and pubs and clubs.In addition to the excellent ocean foreshore, Scarborough contains several parks and reserves. Abbett Park offers a variety of sporting opportunities, including football, squash, lawn bowls, tennis and cricket. Scarborough Beach is home to a lifesaving club, surfing competitions and other recreation facilities.Local shopping complexes are scattered throughout the suburb that provide for daily needs.A range of restaurants can be found in Scarborough from silver service to casual dining and cafe styles.

Perth City Beach

Elected the best beach around Perth several times in the last few years, it is an ideal place for both fishing and swimming. The area offers a children’s playground, barbecues, tables for picnics, toilets, changing rooms and outside showers. If you choose to visit the City Beach, prepare to see Perth’s most luxurious and modern residences all around the beach, since this is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods of the city.

Trigg Beach North

Trigg Island marks the beginning of the Marmion Marine Park. This part of Perth’s coast is reefy and in some sections, rocky and cliffy. Trigg Beach to the north of Trigg Island is a great swimming and snorkelling spot, very different from the broad sandy surf beach of Trigg Beach south.

Trigg Beach South

Continuing north from Scarborough is Trigg Beach, that has some of Perth’s best and most consistent waves. As great because it is for surfing and boogie boarding, it isn’t the best for swimming since you keep having to dodge the boogie boarders and the body surfers. It ends at Trigg Island, a limestone headland that very occasionally becomes a tropical. Don’t swim in the reefy place to the south of Trigg Island (Blue Hole) because in rough conditions you can get caught in a rip and become sucked under.

Sorrento Beach

Sorrento Beach immediately to the south of Hillary’s Boat Harbour is divided up into several smaller beaches by rock groynes. It’s a good beach for swimming, and the shops and entertainment at the boat harbour are a short walk away.

Grant Street Dog Beach

The Cottesloe dog beach begins in the rocky bluff at the end of North Cottesloe Beach, just north of Grant Street. It is good for swimming, but only in calm conditions since the waves break over reefs and rocks. Get down to the dog beach at sunset for many decent beach fishing.

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