The Exciting Things To Do Around Harbour Bridge of Sydney

The beautiful and iconic Sydney Harbour, the Sydney Harbour Bridge overlooks the magnificent blue waters which help to make the Harbour a spectacular sight.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is among Sydney’s most famous landmarks. Completed in 1932, the making of the bridge was a fiscal feat as well as an engineering triumph. Before the bridge being built, the only real links between the city centre within the south and the residential north were by ferry or with a 20 kilometre (12½ mile) road route that involved five bridge crossings.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge, that is known locally as the “Coat Hanger”, took eight many years to build, including the railway line. The bridge was produced in sections on a site that’s now occupied by Luna Park fun fair.

  • Don’t miss: The displays showcasing the Bridge’s construction and assortment of historic items.Two spectacular films within the Cinema, Building The Bridge and Celebrations,Climbing the Bridge!

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

The Harbour Bridge Climb is simpler than it first appears as the gradient resulting in the top of the bridge is not that steep. Negatives would be the cost, the long period of preparation and ‘training’ prior to going up, no cameras (they’ll sell you photos) also it can also get a little sweaty within their ‘fashion’ gray suits.Worth it? – Absolutely! – It’s an experience and a half – essential do, particularly if you like being chained to something.

Harbour Bridge Climb

Harbour Bridge Climb

The Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb has turned into a legendary activity for any visitor of Sydney. The 3 and a half hour excursion goes over the arch to the summit from the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, providing you with wonderful 360 degree views from the Harbour, including the iconic Opera House.

The climb is professionally organised keeping the vehicle safe at the forefront of your guides minds and you’ll be attached to a static safety line all the time during the climb. Wear rubber soled shoes and be prepared to climb in all weathers apart from and electrical storm.

The Climb Must Continue: Tips – if you can, avoid climbing the Harbour Bridge in the center of the day. You are more likely to have fun if you are feeling cool and relaxed. Climb the Harbour Bridge alongside someone you want (or like the look of) – as once you begin that’s it for the duration – no trading places. Having sheltered around the Sydney Harbour Bridge whilst we waited for any storm to pass, I can testify the weather has to be pretty harmful to the Bridge Climb to become cancelled.

Walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge

I loved walking over the Sydney Harbour Bridge due to the views it offered. It’s also fair to state that I became a bit obsessive about the bridge itself, however, no traveller is going to Sydney and not walk over the Harbour Bridge, at least once.

Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruise

Sydney Harbour dinner cruise aboard the MV Sydney 2000, probably the most prestigious dinner cruise in Sydney. It’s your choice whether you embark at Circular Quay or King Street Wharf in your 2.5-hour Sydney dinner cruise. Bring your seat as you float beyond the floodlit Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, while a group of international chefs make a three-course à la carte dinner that you should enjoy.

Getting around

The doors in the main entrance to Bridge Climb (where one can access the Visitor Centre) are automatic from the gentle slope on Cumberland St. The doors available to a spacious foyer containing a Climber Relations counter, a café and gift shop and also the Visitor Centre which includes the Exhibition and Cinema; which are on the one level. BridgeClimbers undergo their briefing session and initiate the climb from the next stage via a staircase.

Where to begin to see the Sydney Harbour Bridge

One tip would be to take your camera around the Rocks position for some stunning views. Plus there is Kirribilli and Milsons Point on the North side of Sydney Harbour. The problem maybe too many photographs however, it’s a good looking bridge, just appreciate it.

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