Major Tourist Attractions of Papua New Guinea

Recommended Great Tourist Attractions in Papua New Guinea, There’s a lot to see and do in the Island of Papua New Guinea.

Tropical islands are the place to find a unique variety of wildlife, active volcanoes, huge mountains, virgin rainforests and coral reefs deep. Cleverly combined with the incredible wealth of natural splendor colorful cultural festivals.

Located north of Australia within the southwest Pacific Ocean, this small nation includes a long and rich history. Archaeologists have discovered human remains dating back 50,000 years ago. Is believed to be among the first inhabited land masses by ancient peoples.Major-Tourist-Attractions-of-Papua-New-Guinea

Papua New Guinea Attractions

John Keats

Had Keats been to maui of Papua New Guinea, he would have attached the term islands along with goodly states and kingdoms. Attractions in Papua New Guinea consist of coral reef, zigzag river, golden beaches and mighty mountains. Arrived at this coastal paradise to savor a perfect getaway.


Even if Goroka is definitely an amazing place, you shouldn’t stay out at night. If you are going outside of the city it is recommended to find a guide. Be aware that an exciting inclusive price may be including nothing except guides (who’ll want and deserve tips). It will take up to two days of hiking to get at the first village without seeing anyone within the jungle.

Lake Kutubu

Lake Kutubu is found in the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guines, it is very remote. Traditional villages dot the shore and nearby rainforest. Like several virgin tropical rainforest areas the bidiversity is spectacular, although not obvious, unless you have a great desire for plants and insects. Mammals for example tree kangaroos, possums and other marsupials (New Guinea is evolutionarily associated with Australia) and birds for example spectacular Birds of Paradise and cassowaris are ever-present, but rarely spotted. Cultural diversity can also be rich, but off limits if you don’t speak a local language – there are many, PNG features hundreds of locale languages and dialects.

Port Moresby

Port Moresby, the main city houses the National Parliament, the National Museum, containing exhibits of pottery all the provinces, the Botanical Gardens and also the Catholic Cathedral.

The Sepik River

The Sepik River may be the longest river in Papua New Guinea and it has been for many centuries the trade route in to the interior. It winds down in the mountains near the border with Irian Jaya, draining immense tracts of scarcely explored jungle, swamp and grassland until it meets the ocean, where it is more than a mile wide.

Western Highlands

Somewhat Mount Hagen in the Western Highlands resembles an urban area from the Wild West. Its expansion is just recent and the local population organizes numerous sing-sing celebrations to mark an assorted variety of events ranging from payment of the bride-price to the opening of a new road.

The hawaiian islands

The main islands are New Britain, New Ireland and also the Manus group (together comprising the Bismarck Archipelago), the northernmost Solomon Islands of Bougainville and Buka, as well as an eastern group of islands such as the Trobriand and D’Entrecasteaux Islands.

Best Time for you to Visit Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea includes a tropical climate and is great for tourism at anytime of the year. You could like the cooler and drier months between June and September.

Ways to get to Papua New Guinea

The Jackson Airport terminal in Port Moresby, the Capital Capital of scotland- Papa New Guinea is where the flights from major international destinations like Australia, Singapore, The Solomon Islands, Hong Kong and Philippines find.
Domestic destinations too are well-connected by air. Actually, most of the towns do not have a road connect to the Island’s Capital and have to become accessed by foot or flight.

The Papua New Guinea Island is really meant to be appreciated by adventurous travelers – prepared to explore the life beneath the waters and also the Island’s interior that has mountains, forests, wildlife, quaint villages, traditional tribes and locals. A holiday here will leave you with lots of stories to tell people home.

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