The Great Barrier Reef Tropical Island for Your Australia Holidays

The Great Barrier Reef is a group of colorful & beautiful islands in Australia that run parallel towards the coastline of sunny Queensland. They provide spectacular opportunities for vacations, excursions and adventure tours. They supply a relaxing, sunny and scenic holiday experience to the travelers. It has been included in the list of World Heritage.
The Great Barrier Reef provides a unique and magical experience. The Great Barrier Reef is inhabited by 2,800 types of fishes, 400 various kinds of Corals (Small marine animals found underwater), 215 types of birds, and 500 types of seaweeds.

Great Barrier Reef Tropical Island

The Great Barrier Reef is greater than the Great Wall of China, and also one of the only few live structures on the planet earth that is visible from outside space.

Safari at Great Barrier Reef

Whitsunday Island:

Whitsunday Island is the biggest within the group (109 sq km) and is definitely an uninhabited island and national park with walking tracks. The iconic Whitehaven Beach, due to its untouched & scenic beauty, is really a favored yachting spot. Surrounding waters are a perfect spot to do deep water fishing. Terrific walks, stunning views and bush camping are the other attractions.

Hayman Island:

This island is among the Australia’s most prestigious resorts where you will find gorgeous hotels with excellent service and isolated sandy beaches. If you are honeymooners and lovers then this is one of the best places which you can opt for your vacations.

Brampton Island:

Brampton Island is in south direction to Whitsundays. It is 8 square kilometers of Mountain Island in area, only 32km from Mackay harbor. It is a national park and wildlife sanctuary with lush forests, palms and fine white beaches.

Lindeman Island:

Around the Lindeman Island there is an 8 sq km of scenic walking tracks that are ideal for getting photographs. They lead through forest to Mt Oldfield, the 212 m summit, where you can get stunning views of islands emerging in the Coral Sea. The area has sandy beaches, rich birdlife and numerous summer butterflies.

Dunk Island:

Dunk Island is a body of very beautiful tropical islands. Various activities that you can enjoy doing here include walking or traveling in a miraculous rainforests, teaming with colorful tropical birds and butterflies, fishing competitions, scuba diving.

Hamilton Island:

Hamilton Island has an airport terminal and it is probably the most heavily developed island. It is best suited to individuals who prefer to combine a holiday with sightseeing the ecological civilization. Here you’ll find wildlife, and all types of marine entertainments. You can also wander to tiny village boutiques or listen to live music inside a pub.

Keppel Island:

Keppel Island is best for enjoying outdoor activities. Sprawling white beaches, Boat trips, Rock climbing and sports like Badminton, baseball, swimming, aerobics, cricket, golf, tennis are its major attractions.

Hayman Island:

There aren’t any day visitors on Hayman Island because it is a really exclusive and upmarket resort. It’s in the north of the Whitsunday Islands and it has many facilities and activities available that you can enjoy during your visit here.

Long Island:

On Long Island that is 12 sq km, there’s wonderful bird and wildlife watching. Idle to take photographs, it has walking trails through dense vegetation to peaceful beaches. Three separate resorts having more than 420 guest accommodation.

Lizard Island:

Gorgeous weather, beautiful beaches, fishing, diving and lots of entertainment for each taste are the main features that engulf these islands. So visiting this can be your best wish completed.

Daydream Island:

It features an excellent pool and mainly attracts families. Day trippers are permitted and may make use of all the non-powered water activities and tennis courts.

South Molle Island:

A household friendly resort of maximum 520 people provides multiple watersports or even a 9-hole golf course.

Hook Island:

Hook Island is densely populated. Due to its people and camping areas it’s favorite choice of travellers. A little underwater observatory lets you look at the coral marine life, along with a boardwalk.

Bedarra Island:

The mysterious great thing about Bedarra Island is its privacy. Comfortable rooms and ideal cuisine of local restaurants can make your romantic getaway unforgettable.

Magnetic Island:

Well suited for families and young travelers. There are all kinds of holiday accommodations and wonderful beaches with wildlife along with Aquatic sports, hiking, golf and horseback riding.

What to Must See & Do:

Watch out for migrating whales, dolphins, dugong mammals. Explore & sail the virgin great Islands,Enjoy the 6 kms white sands of Whitehaven Beach, Scuba dive on the great Barrier Reef.

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